Do this intriguing test to get a general idea of your level!

The test includes a mixture of statements relating to areas such as lexis (vocabulary), structures, tenses, grammar. 

The statements are in plain English as far as possible.  The test works best for learners of European languages.  Skip items that do not apply to the language you wish to learn.

As you work through, the statements refer to higher and higher levels of skill/knowledge. 

When you feel you can no longer honestly tick the boxes, stop, and go to the bottom to submit your score.  But don't stop on the first statement for which you cannot tick the box - it may just be a "gap" in your ability.


This test has been very carefully designed by an eminent linguist, but the results are only of an indicative nature. The reliability depends on various factors, such as how honest you have been in your answers (!) and how you have interpreted the questions. We hope that you have found it interesting and useful, but do not hesitate to ask us for further advice if you feel you need it.

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