Business Rates

Clients booking their lessons through a business enjoy our enhanced service.

  • Teachers will come to your office, or your home if preferred, at a time to suit you.
  • Teachers log lessons online so that hours used/remaining can be closely monitored.
  • You can opt for a 1-hour session instead of our usual 1.5 hour session if this suits you better.
  • We recommend weekly lessons but you may have more than one lesson a week if you need to learn in a hurry.
  • Teaching can be adapted to specific business needs, even at low levels.
  • Individual progress reports can be provided on request.
  • A Certificate can be provided on completion.

Price Table for Business Clients

Our hourly rate for a 12 hour 1-to-1 general business course in any language is:

£50 + VAT (except for English lessons which are VAT exempt)

 We offer discounted hourly rates for longer courses.

20 - 29 hours 5%

30 - 44 hours 7.5%

45 - 59  hours 10%

60 hours + 12.5%

All Languages General Business Courses
Hourly price Per Hour 12 - 19 hours
1:1 £50
2:1 £55
3:1 £60
4:1 £65
5:1 £70
6:1 £75
Groups of 7-12 hourly price per group £80
All Languages Courses for Specific Professions (lawyers, engineers, sales people etc) /Out and About Courses
Hourly price Per Person 12 - 19 hours
1:1 £70
2:1 £75
3:1 £80
4:1 £85
5:1 £90
6:1 £95
Groups of 7-12 hourly price per group £100
NB expenses for Out and About Courses are not included
  • Prices are per person, per hour.
  • You must book a minimum of 12 hours.
  • Fees are payable, against invoice, in advance of classes starting.
  • The more hours you commit to, the less you pay per hour.
  • 1:1 means one student, one teacher, 2:1 is where 2 colleagues share a lesson - and so on.
  • Prices are per hour, i.e. the overall cost of the lesson.

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