Prices for 1:1 lessons start at £31 + VAT per hour.

All our prices are quoted per hour and there is a minimum booking of 12 hours.

If you're learning for personal reasons - holidays, exam revision, general interest - and paying for your lessons yourself, our private rate will apply.

If you're learning for business reasons - communicating with colleagues, presenting in the target language, career progression - and your company is paying for your lessons, our business rate will apply.

The more hours you commit to, the lower the hourly rate - see below for our generous discounts.

20 - 29 hours 5%

30 - 44 hours 7.5%

45 - 59  hours 10%

60 hours + 12.5%

Click on the relevant button below for further information.The more group members there are, the less each group member pays.

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"I find 1:1 teaching ideal as the teacher shapes the programme to the way I learn things. The course is focused on what I want to achieve."