Private Lessons with your own friendly and professional German teacher

We deliver customised German lessons, tailored to your own particular needs.

  • Your private German tutor will come to your own home or office - at times convenient to you.
  • You can learn German one-to-one or in a small group of your colleagues, friends or family

To find out more, send us a Quick Enquiry

Or call us on 01962 869010 to discuss your German training needs.

We offer Four kinds of German language course

General German - For Juniors and Adults

Ideal if you are travelling or planning to live in the country or for general interest.  We come to your home or you can go to the teacher, by arrangement.  1.5 hours minimum session unless otherwise agreed. 

Business German - for Adults

If you do business with a German-speaking country, this is the course for you.  We come to your office or home or you can go to the teacher, by arrangement.  Material is adapted to business situations at all levels.  1.5 hours standard session, but with the option to do just 1 hour sessions if you book as a business/company client (see prices).

German for GCSE and AS/A Level and other Exams 

If you are working towards GCSE, A level, Common Entrance or a University qualification or examination, we will help you get the best grade possible! 

We will build your confidence in the "4 skills" (speaking, listening, reading and writing), develop your vocabulary and hone your grammar for all-round competence.  As the exam approaches we will help you with exam practice related to your particular syllabus - practising oral presentations, for example, or working on topic areas.  We come to your home or you can go to the teacher, by arrangement.  1.5 hours minimum session unless otherwise agreed.

German for Children

There's nothing like starting early with any subject, particularly where language skills are concerned.  For children aged 5-10 we offer fun, lively teaching which may include games and songs but is purposeful, building knowledge organically. 

We focus mostly on listening and speaking, using techniques that children relate to.  Reading and writing are kept to a minimum, especially for the very young ones.  We come to your home.  A responsible adult other than the teacher needs to be in attendance. 

We will need to talk through your particular case in relation to lesson logistics, but most requests can be met!

Call us to talk through the options for your children.

You might also want to talk to your children's friends' parents to get a mini-group together and reduce the cost.

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