We can help you prepare for the new OET exam which is designed especially for Healthcare professionals including Doctors, Nurses, Dentists and Midwives

Lessons with an experienced private tutor will give you the extra skills you need to do well in all aspects of the test.

In a large class, the teacher cannot always target your individual strengths and weaknesses.

Private English tuition on your own, or with a friend, means the tutor can focus on the particular areas you need to improve.

Your English teacher will make sure that your private lessons are enjoyable as well as effective. You will learn how to communicate successfully orally and on paper and you will also tackle the areas of English grammar that you find most challenging.

As the exam approaches, your tutor will make sure that you are well-prepared and confident about every aspect of the test. They will help you with exam practice related to your particular challenges - practising the speaking test, for example, or practising your written answers.

Your English tutor will come to your home or you can go to the teacher, by arrangement.

We offer private lessons for OET in London or anywhere in the UK.

1.5 hours minimum session unless otherwise agreed.

Call us today and you can look forward to your exam with confidence!

OET or IELTS - A Case Study

Our Teacher, Suzi, explains..

About a year ago, we were approached by a client in the Taunton area asking us to help her acheive grade 7 in the IELTS exam in order to be able to practice as a Doctor here in the UK. 

We matched our client with one our most experienced teachers, Suzi, who has been giving her weekly lessons ever since.

Suzi was ideal for the assignment as her LTA (TEFL) qualifies her for English teaching and her experience as a First Aid teacher/trainer for the Red Cross qualifies her to deal with most medical terms.

When OET for medicine was introduced, Suzi and our client decided together that this qualification would be more beneficial for her. 

Suzi explains that while the grammar is at the same standard as IELTS, the actual writing, reading and listening content are all related to the medical profession.

The writing always takes the form of a referral letter for a patient, either to another hospital or another medical practitioner.

There are some very good text books for OET for medicine or healthcare available on Amazon and elsewhere. There is also a website which gives listening practice examples.

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