To make real progress in language learning you need the motivation of regular private lessons with a skilled language teacher. However, in between lessons there's a lot you can do to improve ...

Language learning apps

Some of our students find Duolingo a good resource. You can use it on a mobile or desktop and it is especially good for vocabulary building.

We have also had positive feedback about Memrise for learning vocabulary.

TV stations

If you're a news addict, why not find your favourite news station online then check in everyday. For example, you can get the news:

in French on the France 24 site,

in German on ARD's Tagesschau

in Spanish on TVE

in Italian on TG1

Radio stations

It's a good idea to tune into a foreign station to get your ear in.

This website has a wide choice of European radio stations streamed live:


Youtube is a fabulous resource for language learners. Recipes, film trailers, songs with lyrics. It's easy to get distracted though!