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20th November 2015, 08:42

Bilingual people twice as likely to recover from a stroke

Report by Sarah Knapton, Science Editor, the Telegraph.


11th November 2015, 10:55

Paul Gillespie in the Irish Times: Why we’re bad at picking up more languages

Paul Gillespie in the Irish Times asks why the Irish are so bad at picking up more languages


2nd November 2015, 15:21

These 5 Global Business Leaders Speak Multiple Languages

Should you? Asks Ofer Shoshan, CEO of One Hour Translation, writing in The Entrepreneur.


19th October 2015, 13:46

'We need to make more of our children multilingual'

Only by teaching languages from an early age are we going to shake off the tag of being Europe’s laziest linguists, writes former head Peter Tait, in The Telegraph.


22nd September 2015, 12:47

Dog 'learns Gaelic' in three weeks

A dog who joined his owner at language classes has impressed by learning a set of Gaelic commands in just three weeks.From BBC Scotland.


9th September 2015, 12:47

Exporter slams Ulster University decision to close languages school

By Margaret Canning in the Belfast Telegraph


2nd September 2015, 12:52

Russian Schoolchildren to Learn Two Foreign Languages

All Russian students will be required to learn two foreign languages before graduation, Education and Science Minister Dmitry Livanov was cited as saying by the government daily Rossiiskaya Gazeta on Tuesday.


14th August 2015, 22:35

Britons 'nervous to speak foreign language when abroad'

By Katherine Sellgren BBC News education reporter


20th July 2015, 11:46

Bilingualism and Brain Health

Learning a Second Language Boosts Cognitive Function. By Lizette Borreli


10th July 2015, 13:01

Why motivation is the key to language learning

The reasons for learning a second language can be endless but the secret to success is rooted in the science of motivation writes Alison Mackey in the Guardian



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