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24th March 2015, 08:56

Learning a language in later life: are you ever too old?

From keeping loneliness at bay and delaying dementia, to reconnecting with your cultural roots,three people discover the wide benefits of language learning


18th March 2015, 10:11

Secrets of learning a language — quickly

By Rob Budden for BBC Capital. According to language experts, you can learn basic communication skills in weeks and master the basics of a foreign language in several months.


24th February 2015, 08:59

How foreign language films struggle for UK success

This year's winner of the Oscar for best foreign language film is the Polish film, Ida. But is it getting more difficult to persuade us to read subtitles for two hours? By Vincent Dowd, Arts correspondent, BBC World Service radio


23rd February 2015, 09:26

Ask a North Korean: do you learn foreign languages?

How accessible are foreign language studies to students in North Korea, either academically or self-taught? What languages do they have access to and what are the popular ones?


27th January 2015, 12:30

Language learning in the UK: 'can't, won't, don't'

In terms of language learning, we’re a nation of committed non-swimmers faced with a swimming pool – anxious about diving in and not convinced of the joys of taking the plunge, writes John Worne in the Telegraph.


14th January 2015, 11:22

Learning a language after 10 years of age boosts brain power

Learning a second language in early childhood has long been known to boost brainpower. Now a new study suggests that the effects extend to those who learn a language from the age of 10 onwards.


10th December 2014, 09:36

Star Wars Ewokese to Star Trek Klingon: how do you invent a language?

Constructed languages, or ‘conlangs’ as they are known, have always fascinated diehard fans. Could their creators be on the frontier of how we define language?


24th November 2014, 09:16

'Language learning opens up new horizons'

It's worrying that so few pupils continue with languages, says Frances Suc-Diamond, writing in The Telegraph, especially when they open the door to new horizons


12th November 2014, 13:21

Most UK school language students unable to do more than understand basic phrases

According to a Guardian survey of young people and language learning, more than four in ten students of Spanish, Italian, Russian and Japanese say they would “have difficulty understanding, speaking or writing anything”


21st October 2014, 10:54

Rod Liddle of the Sunday Times learns German with Chris Polatch Language Courses

"Can Teresa, from Chris Polatch Language Courses, do in a few sessions what Mr Webb failed to do in five years, and teach me how to hold a lengthy and perhaps intimate conversation with, say, Claudia Schiffer or Angela Merkel?"


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